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Your guide to electronic book collections. Organized by subject.

eBook Subscription Databases

Accessibility Mode for eBooks

Some of the MSMU Library's books are accessible via screen reader.

In order to use accessibility mode, you must have a personal account with the database (i.e. ProQuest eBook Central).  The account is free.  Just log in via the Database on the Databases A-Z page and click login (usually in the right corner of the screen).

For eBook Central, login and click on settings > profile.

Then, turn on accessibility mode.  You may also enable the OpenDyslexic typeface.

Make sure to click "save changes."


How to access eBooks in each platform

ProQuest Ebook Central Books

  • ProQuest books may be read online in your browser
  • ProQuest books may be downloaded to your computer for a total of 14 days
  • To download books, you must create an account with ProQuest Ebook Central (after you connect to their website through the MSMU link).
  • Then, download Adobe Digital Editions

EBSCO eBooks

  • FAQ for EBSCO eBooks
  • EBSCO eBooks may be read online in your browser or downloaded to your computer
  • Just click the book's link from our MSMU catalog or the EBSCO eBooks page
  • You may print (or save as a pdf file) up to 60 pages at a time [depending on the publisher]
  • You may also create an EBSCO account through MSMU & save books to a folder so you access your books another time
  • You may download the book, when logged into your EBSCO account, to Adobe Digital Editions 

Springer eBooks

  • Springer eBooks may be downloaded as DRM-free pdf files in their entirety or as separate chapters
  • This downloading feature is for only one person and you will not be able to share the file with others
  • Each person must download their own copy of these books

Wiley eBooks

  • Wiley eBooks may be downloaded by chapters as pdf files for reading in your browser, printing, or saving
  • Each file is meant for the eyes of the person downloading it and cannot legally be shared with another person
  • Each person must download their own copy of these books

Digitalia eBooks

  • Digitalia eBooks are viewable in a pdf reader.  Books may be viewed in Acrobat or downloaded (for a limited amount of time) as Digital Editions files.
  • To save files, select "print" from the left menu and print it to a pdf creator.  Note - printing is limited to ~10 pages per session.
  • These books are also available in audio format

Loeb Classics

  • Books from the Loeb Classical Library may be viewed in any web browser
  • Books may be viewed as a two-page spread (for Latin and Greek books, this shows the Latin/Greek on one side and English on the other)
  • Printing (and saving) is on a page by page basis; you may not print multiple pages at the same time

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