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Leisure Reading

A guide designed to promote use of the Libraries' leisure reading (best seller), personal development and other collections of note.

". . . it doesn't matter what books [or magazines] you read, even if your choice is "trashy" Gothic novels.  It is what you make of them, how you behave in consequence, that counts" (230).

-- Worsley, Lucy. Jane Austen at home: a biography. Hodder, 2017.

What is Leisure Reading?

Leisure Reading, also known as pleasure reading or independent reading, is the art of engaging in self-selected reading for personal or social reasons.  Some benefits of leisure reading include reduced academic stress and improved reading comprehension.  When students choose their own reading material, they are often motivated to take regular breaks from their academic work.  This helps them focus on their studies and avoid burnout.

Reading books and magazines of various genres (fiction, non-fiction) as well as magazines promotes emotional, mental and social wellness. 


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