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Databases for Statistics & Datasets

Databases for Statistics & Datasets

Websites for Statistics & Datasets

What is SPSS?

SPSS, short for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, is used by researchers for various kinds of complex statistical data analysis. It is a software package designed to manage and analyze social science data.

The Core Functions of SPSS:

  • Statistics Program - has many statistical functions, including frequencies, cross-tabulation, and bivariate statistics
  • Modeler Program - used to build and validate predictive models
  • Text Analytics for Surveys Program - helps researchers uncover insights from responses to open-ended questions
  • Visualization Designer Program - used to create a wide variety of visuals including density charts, radial boxplots, etc.
  • Data Management Solutions - allows researchers to perform case selection, create derived data, and perform file reshaping

Tutorials on SPSS

For step-by-step instructions and examples, try out these tutorials: